Friday, January 30, 2015

Loving tan.

Living in, in my case, New York, means not having the opportunity to look tan and healthy all year round... After the summer is done, in just 2-3 weeks I go from being extremely tan to looking unrealistically pale, which is not something I like. My pale skin (which can be nice sometimes, don't get me wrong) and stress combined make me look like I'm tired or sick all the time... And that's something none of us wants.
As we all know, fake tanning in the salons is extremely unhealthy and, moreover, the prices can go up to hundreds of dollars. Therefore, I decided to share a review on an alternative way of making your skin healthy looking, with a great tan and lovely glow, without risking your health. Meet a brand called Loving tanBefore I do a full review, let me share a couple of things about Loving tan, which you will love!
First of all, the products they offer have a professional strength and instant bronzers, which will give you a natural olive color. Furthermore, they are parabens and alcohol free, which means your skin won't get dry and you won't put your self into risk by using a product that has potentially harmful substances (such as paraben itself).

Products I used:

Before you start, there are a couple of things you definitely want to do (please remember that all of them are very very important):
- Shave, exfoliate and moisturize! You want to remove all of your dead cells and moisturize properly in order to achieve an even tan.
- Find a good lighting - although the mousse has a darker color, which will help you see where you have applied it, a good lighting is highly recommended, to ensure no sports are missed. I placed a mirror next to a window, as natural light is the best option!

When it comes to the process of tanning itself, I started with my legs first and I found that 3-4 pumps of the mousse were enough to cover my leg (6-8 pumps for both legs). You also want to make sure you go one step at the time, meaning: don't go from your feet to your knees and then back to calves, but go spot by spot (feet, calves, knees, thighs, for instance). This way, you will make sure you applied the mousse to all of the areas and that you haven't added another layer at the same place.

When I finished applying the mousse, I sat for two hours straight, although you don't have to (the mousse dries in 15 minutes, after which you can put your loose fitting clothes on). After those two hours, I was satisfied with the intensity of my color, so I showered, without using a soap and pat dried my body. A couple of minutes later, I was ready to go, with my gorgeous, naturally looking and glowing tan (hey, I'm finally not orange anymore!), which made me feel as if it was still summer.

Here I am, three days later, writing this review, still amazed with this mousse. My color is still there, although it is slowly coming off. One of the worries I had is that it won't come of evenly, which happens to be the case with most fake tans. However, after a couple of showers AND workouts, my tan is still even, even though the color is not as intense as the first day. With that being said, I cannot do anything more but highly recommend getting your hands on your favorite from a wide range of products. Furthermore, if you decide to buy a tanning product, which you should if you had the same problem as I did, you can use the code stylesinners to get a free application mitt, which will keep your hands from getting extra color.

P.S. For more tips on how to prepare, apply (with a video) or keep your tan, make sure you visit the Loving tan! Also find Loving tan on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.


P.P.S. I included come before and after pictures, which will help you see what I look(ed) like!

Pictures shown above were taken before applying the mousse. I wasn't even aware of how pale I was until I took these pictures haha. Here are some after tanning shots!


Whitney - WhtnysWorld said...

Wauw your tan is really getting darker. Nice!

Sara Chergui said...

This is looking great ! I wouldn't mind a bit of tan right now !


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Jeanne said...

Looks awesome!

Alexandra Abarca said...

You got a great looking!
Abrazos desde Costa Rica.

Mary Kat said...

Nice effect :)

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